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Pain-Free Solutions for Women to Reclaim Your Vitality

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Hey I am Sarah Layne. I am here to help with:

  • Back and hip pain

  • Unblock Lymphatic system to to get rid of inflammation, wastage out & increase blood flow 

  • Support through the transition in menopause 

  • Strength Training addressing Asymmetry for compensation patterns 

  • Hydrate Soft Tissue

  • C-section, hysterectomy and female abdominal scar immersion.


Over the years I've helped  numerous women who have achieved:

  • Mobility

  • Improved immune system

  • No more Swelling and puffiness 

  • Happy, Pain- Free and non pinching Hips 

  • Feel healthy, aware and awaken

  • Confidence through the transition in menopause

  • Breathwork to improve posture bringing the body into good alignment

  • Strength, flexibility  and balance 

  •  Hydrated Soft tissue  relieved pain and released the tension and tightness in the body

I am committed to helping you to Reclaim  your Wellbeing, Body back and Move without Limitations

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